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Mailing Address
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
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Laboratory of Chemical Biology
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PhD position
Motivated and talented students for PhD projects are encouraged to apply. Please find out more about the different projects here.


Post-doc position
We are always very interested to hear from prospective postdoctoral research coworkers. Scientists with interest in our research should contact Applications should be send as a single PDF file containing a CV, contact details of 2 scientific referees and a synopsis of the research you plan to conduct.


Chemistry students


Lab internship and theses

Our Chemistry section offers limited places for Bachelor and Master theses. Any other students wishing to do 4 week internships are also welcome. Interested students should contact Dr. Hannam


Welcome to the Famulok group website


The central focus of our research is Chemical Biology. Focal points are the search of active drug like compounds by aptamer displacement assays, robot supported high throughput screening, ribozyme- and aptamer research, in vitro selection and in vitro evolution of combinatorial nucleic libraries (SELEX-Technology). Another research topic is DNA-nanotechnology.


group picture 2012




July 2013:
Prof. Famulok is elected DFG Vice-President. press release


December 2012:
Collaborative research center SFB645 “Regulation and manipulation of information flow within dynamic protein and lipid environments” is granted a third funding period from 2013-2016. press release


December 2012:
Prof. Famulok held a public lecture at CAESAR, in the context of the lecture series "caesarium". Stream can be found here.


November 2012:
Dr. Stephanie Kath-Schorr is appointed "Junior research fellow" funded by a Liebig-Fellowship of the "Fonds der Chemischen Industrie"


July 2012:
Prof. Famulok is appointed "Max Planck Fellow"


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